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We provide best solution for your operations

A Broad Network

DEM Group has established a fast-growing network of 10 subsidiaries that are operating in 26 African countries on more than 200 Customers.

250 Skilled engineers

When required, our 250 experienced service engineers can reach your job location to perform fast troubleshooting and fault diagnosis. Our modern equipment and special tools allow us to quickly restore your machine to full availability.

Mobile teams

Our mobile teams have been trained to minimize downtime and to let our customer reach their objectives of productivity.

Premium Service is tailor-made
and commits optimum ROI


The Service provided by DEM Group fulfills all requirements to answer your expectations in all your projects in Africa in the following fields: Road Construction, Mining & Quarry, Agriculture, Forestry, ...

Our rich Expertise allows us to:

  • Perform  assembly operations and les mises en route
  • Provide full diagnosis on your machines
  • Offer customized support contracts evolving with your needs
  • Offer Telemetry solutions via Satellite or GPRS for follow up and monitoring through the web
  • Provide you a 24/7 assistance
To manage a project in Africa can mean handling unregular incomes, challenging deadlines, ... That's the reason why DEM Group offers variable service contracts that can be changed at any time to evolve perfectly with your needs.
To adapt our services to the customer demand is not enough. Innovation in services is a key challenge to allow us anticipating needs of tomorrow.
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