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DEM Energy, turnkey solutions
to solar energy for today!

Benefit from solar energy today!

DEM Energy addresses the full value chain and provides turnkey solutions.
We develop, we operate, we finance in partnership with Enerdeal. You enjoy the benefits!

We develop

Our operators are specialized in the development of photovoltaic projects of industrial scale ( between 100 kWp and 5 MWp). From engineering to connection, we provide the expertise and experience to liberate your true energy potential.

We Operate

We commit for the long term. We track and optimize your installations in real-time to achieve the highest degree of energy efficiency. We take care of maintenance, cleaning, and anything else to protect the operational integrity of the system and its long-term performance.

We finance

Smart Energy Today is our dedicated program for third party financing. If you have large roof or ground areas free of shade available for solar development we’ll do the deal with no upfront investment. You only pay for the energy you use and enjoy your competitive edge.



We empower companies with integrated solar energy solutions that help them generate substantial savings, ensure energy independence and contribute to a better world.


Solar energy costs less than fossil energy. In addition, photovoltaic systems require reduced maintenance and benefit from a longer lifetime. You earn immediate savings in the short term.


Production site is also Consumption place. This is relying neither on price volatility of fossil energies nor on lack of road infrastructures.
This autonomy results in a continuous production during the year..

Better World

Noise and pollution no more! When you choose solar energy, you are sending a strong message : you want to contribute to a reduction of your ecological footprint. This kind of approach is highly regarded.

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