DEM Group continues its expansion and aims at widening its value proposition by signing a strategic partnership agreement with Enerdeal, a specialist in industrial-scale solar power plants. The collaboration between these two key players brings a reliable and sustainable energy solution in Africa.

Alain Resclause, CEO of DEM Group: “It became essential to extend our range of products and services to solar energy solutions to provide an answer to the growing needs of our customers in that technology, particularly in the agriculture and mining sectors. The renowned expertise of Enerdeal, their track records and their in-depth understanding of operational constraints in Africa demonstrates this partnership was a quite obvious choice. “.

A state-of-the-art solution for Africa: the hybridization of photovoltaic solar energy with diesel generators, possibly combined with battery storage, can bring a significant reduction of fuel consumption by 20 to as much as 40%. It also reduces logistical constraints (diesel supply) and environmental impact (pollution related to CO2 emission and fuel leak) as well as price fluctuations (exchange rates, oil price volatility, … ).

Many customers and prospects have already expressed their interest in the complete solution, from construction to financing and including, if necessary, operation and maintenance, proposed by DEM Group and Enerdeal.  After benefitting from detailed feasibility studies, they were pleasantly surprised by the financing options which can be adapted to their objectives (direct investment, operational leasing solutions, energy supply contract). Solar energy definitely offers great development perspectives on the African continent!

Grégoire de Pierpont, CEO of Enerdeal: “Our development on the African continent, started a few years ago, can proceed further with great ambitions, thanks to this agreement. The strong presence of DEM Group in more than 20 countries in West Africa and their resolutely service-oriented approach have been key criteria in this partnership “