John Deere, Worldwide leader.

Get ahead. Stay ahead.


As with our range of construction equipment, DEM Group has decided to partner exclusively with the premium brand, John Deere, for tractors, self-propelled combines and sprayers plus various implements. John Deere is the top manufacturer in the world in terms of volume of AG and turf equipment.

By choosing John Deere, customers are provided with reliable machines, from the most technologically advanced with GPS-assisted guidance for seeding and harvesting to the simplest and sturdiest equipment for tillage on African smallholdings. Personnel in DEM’s AG department are able to size any farming investment from tillage to harvest, in order to provide you with the most efficient solution as regards cost per hectare prior to you making any decision about your farm.

In addition to the one-stop shop that DEM‘s John Deere dealership provides to AG and C&F, the benefits of using all John Deere equipment include the commonality of parts, engines, injection systems, electronic controls and transmissions. This reduces the cost of parts remaining on clients’ warehouses shelves in the remote regions, in which the large industrial AG farms (sugar cane, rice, maize) are usually located across western and central Africa.

Last but not least, in each country where DEM has installed a subsidiary, the main focus of DEM’s branches is after-sales quality and mobility, prioritizing quality training /updates for the workforce, tooling efficiency together with mobility in order to serve customers quickly at their own locations, whenever required.

In short, John Deere plus DEM means the standard of value for your AG or construction investment.